art:what is to me by lewis benner

Art can come in many different forms to me .To me art is music ,but not any type of music, no music that I consider art is the type of music that tell a story through the song it usually a story that I can relate in one way or another.To me most of the song that I really like are  old country songs when I say old I mean songs that been around for a year or more .This song that I picked today was watching you by Rodney Atkins  I picked this song for a three different reasons, the first reasons I picked it  was because  everyone have a role model that they look up to and as we grow up everyone became a role  model for someone.I also picked this song because to me my dad is one of my big role model in my life ,without him I don’t what kind of person I would be. The final reason that  I picked this song as art is because it doesn’t tell you the whole story ,you have to think of  the ending.I heard a few songs that go through a whole person life in 4 minutes or less for me that not the kind of songs I like.


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