Art In Different Costumes

My art today is not in a painting or a drawing but in our international beauty. This year I watched the “Miss Universe” pageant and was amazed in the beginning of the show  where each contestant had to wear a costume portraying their country. Some had feathers, flowers, hockey pucks, and even swords be included in their costume to show the world where they’re from even though the glittery lashes around their body gave it away. Bigger was defiantly better in this special occasion.  As I watched each contestant show their costume and proudly announced their country, I loved that each country has their own way of showing their cultural beauty and history. The way beauty is in United States is completely different if you traveled to Guatemala or Indonesia or Great Britain. In a way cultural beauty is similar to art, there’s different costumes and ways to express it and  each beauty is different from the other.

  –Osay Ogbebor                                                                          


2 thoughts on “Art In Different Costumes

  1. I really enjoyed the different creativity displayed in the acts and costumes. Art was definitely represented this year. It kind of livened up the show for me. I really like choice of costumes you displayed.

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  2. Thank You. Unfortunately, my mom and I were upset with what Nigeria’s costume looked like. We’re Nigerian, so we were waiting to see what her outfit might be. We didn’t like it lol. Thought it was going to big and bold like the others. Oh well…she did get crowned Miss Congeniality!! So I was cheering for her when she got that award. Were you able to see the lady representing your country on stage?


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