Vibe: Choreocookies

Vibe: Choreo Cookieimage

I’m inspired to be as passionate as these dancers are in the art of movement. To create something no one has ever done and touch others with that ability makes it worthwhile. These dancers are precise in their movements and make each movement, even one so slightly, count. Dance opens your eyes to endless possibilities because you can create something that’s your own. It’s like a fingerprint. No one can duplicate your own movement, but aspire to relate to it. By seeing this dance other dancers are motivated to be greater than themselves. To strive to their greatest expectations in their own movement to create something they can inspire others to do. Dance is not just a form of movement. You can’t just do a pirouette without feeling your muscles push to its extent to reach that indent on your knee. Dance uses your whole body mind, spirit, and soul. 



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