Beauty of Graffiti                                                               Graffiti was given a bad rap . Those who do not understand the worth or the message behind the pictures often call it defacing property , and made it unlawful to mark on buildings. Today there is an artistic movement at hand to cover the dilapidated buildings left from a failing economy with art that unites, uplifts, memorializes, and beautifies the neighborhoods they are in. I love to walk down streets and see art painted on the walls. The vibrant colors cascading the path displaying dreams of hope, and words to inspire. I interpret this piece of graffiti art stating “Imagine” as inspiring me to imagine peace! Art on the side of a broken building . The weltered brick,a backdrop capturing the raw essence of beauty. It is as though this form of art gives life back into a lost journey. Whatever the building was in the past is long gone, and the art gives it a second change  to strike again. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… behold the beauty of graffiti!



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