the climb

So it time for a another piece of art by Lewis this picture of half dome is a great picture of art to me for started to me on the top of that beautiful rock it look like you can see the heavens It like you on top of the world at the top of the rock and I should know because a few years me and my dad went on the half dome hike this picture have so many memories for me I remember waking up at 530 to smell of nice warm coffee and cereal I remember the feeling that I couldn’t go on (at half way up) I remember My dad kept pushing me to go on just one step he said the top of the dome felt so surreal to me I remember all the beautiful pieces of nature I saw that as I did that 12 hour climb(6 up an hour at top and 5 down) I remember that feeling of pride I got when I finish the long hike I now take that feeling and apply it every day life when I get tired I remember “just one more step”

by L.B.

glacier point half dome


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