Hello, My name is Cindy


Hello world,

Last week I didn’t get a chance to actually introduce myself to you. I am Cindy, one of the group members from Kreative Sevens. My days of posting are on Friday. Yes, I am aware today is Saturday. ( Got a little carried away trying to finish my homework. But that is no excuse and will not happen again)

I am a full time mother and student, and my family and I sell raw honey as a side business. I enjoy good laughter with friends and family. I love to go camping in the summer and taking KODAK moments pictures. Kodak moments? It is a phrase my late cousin and I use to say when we went to explore during our summer. We enjoyed taking pictures when people weren’t reason or knowingly someone is taking their picture.

I am currently enrolled in this creative writing class. It is a very fun but challenging class for me that is because honestly I am not much of a writer. I failed most of my English classes in high school. Deep down, I know I have a creative mind but it is sometimes difficult for me to write it all down. Which is the main reason why I chose to be enrolled in this class.

I hope you enjoy my recent picture in Tahoe taken this past Tuesday. Yes there were snow still. Fresh snow I would say but it was melting, but enough to go down the sled. 🙂

I hope some or all of you enjoy getting to know me and possible a little bit more. Remember I will be posting every Friday with something KREATIVE. 🙂

– CA


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