Don’t knock it until you try it!


I spent Valentine’s Day with my family at the ballet . We seen the extraordinary show “Peter Pan” preformed by The Sacramento Ballet. It was amazing to see the sets, and how they operate. Some of the sets used props like the beds in the children’s room. Some props seem to flow from the sky like the drapes from the wilderness scene when Tiger Lily dances. The colors seem to have fell right out of the sky into the theater with the shimmering  yellow sun, and the pews of sky blues.

No one in our family has never been to the ballet before. I have a new appreciation for the art. I think you cannot truly understand the art form of ballet until you have seen one live. It is a lot of work to pull it all off. The movements of the dancers was amazing. The leaps, the twists , the flying through the air, the BOOM of the sound of the pirates. It was ALL a great experience, and an eye opener to what art is!

I will be back to the ballet.  Don’t knock it ’til you try it!



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