Kreative or Cruel?


Hi there,

Cindy here, I wanted to post something different. Although this image is quite fascinating, some people might utterly say it is Cruel.

It never came across my mind until early this week while searching for a kreative (creative) blog for today. I was searching for painting, and I remembered seeing lots of media about animals painting. Elephants are not the only animal painting, there are dogs, cats, turtles, pigs, dolphins, rhinos, and many more.

I wanted to blog about this because in the beginning I thought it was kreative (creative)  but there is a question that never occurred to me. Ask you self, How did the elephant know how to paint, how do they train the elephant, etc.

As I was doing more research, there were multiples websites and blogs that are trying to spread the word and let you know that they are being abused. How? They start training the elephant as young as two. Oh, did I mentioned that they also take them away from their mother at two. Imagine being taken away from your mother at that age. I know I wouldn’t like that very much, and would be terrified.

This is one of the links that I have found from a the green planets about Elephants. If your interested, your welcome to read more about it.

I hope this open up some of your minds and ask, is this really kreative (creative)  or Cruel?



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