Thursday Confessions


So today is my day to post, like the other week. I just now have been well enough to check the blog and I realized none of my posts were saved to be put up on Thursdays. I very so so much apologize for not posting last week. I’ve been sick as a dog living at the hospital like it’s my home away from home, but I promise I am here for good now! Well and better than ever! Which brings me to what I’m going to be posting today. I’ve been so sick and depressed the past few weeks, just stuck in my head. I’ve come to realize that to move forward and to make things a tad bit easier on yourself, you must let go. You can’t move forward if you’re dwelling in the past and everything that’s going wrong in your life. Why be sad in your bed, missing the smells of the wind and the chirping of birds, when you could be out in the world seeing all of its colors. All the art and inspiration around you. Find yourself.  When you do live and its amazing rays of light will shine down on you, and you will live in harmony like a painting. I hope this quote can relate to you readers. Again, I am very sorry about not being up to date lately. I promise I will make up for it.

Much love and sunshine!





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