well It is Monday  after Easter break all day while was I hanging out with my grandfather I was trying to think of what to blog finally I thought of the answer. Eagles ,Eagles are so beautiful to me because whenever I see one I think of three very different things that are always a part of my life .The first thing i Think about when I see a eagle is the fact that the bald eagle is the national bird of America,which if you ask me is a pretty cool place to live.The second thing I  think about is one of the few bands that me and my dad agree on The Eagles ,Hotel California is one of his favorites and one of mine.The third and final thing I think about is Boy Scouts , the highest rank a Boy scout can earn  is Eagle scout which I believe only 10% of Boy Scouts make it to ,In my family we only have Three eagles Scouts.My Mom brother, My brother and of  course me.I became a Eagle scout in my junior year of High school.Eagles are beautiful creatures L.W.Bbald eagle


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