The Art of Anime

Attack on Titan

Probably one of the most epic, gruesome, makes you gets the feels kinda series I’ve ever seen. Every episode had me at the edge of my bed waiting for the next. My heart raced like I was actually in the story feeling all the horrific events that happened. Anime is not like cartoons, to me it’s more of a some what realistic/detailed work of drawings that transport you into another world. When you see people who go to comic con and dress up like the characters, they are so inspired by them to put on costumes that make them turn into the powerful being. It makes them feel more than who they are, they can be heros, villains, or warlocks and everyone is interested how they portray the characters through the costumes they make. I used to draw in high school, more like doodles, but I loved to create characters and in vision them to be amazing creatures. If you haven’t seen an anime I implore you to do so. This show is on Netflix and I hope you enjoy it as I did.



4 thoughts on “The Art of Anime

    • Same here! It was a lot to process at first with the gruesome details, but once you get into it, you can never stop watching the next episodes! Can’t wait for the next season!-Alysia.S


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