it is Monday again which means it time for another blog by Lewis Benner as I was thinking of what to blog about today,I was at my aunts house watching The giants home opener. That when I came to the idea that baseball is a big form of art seeing the giants play and hit homer out of the park is truly beautiful.some of my favorites memories as a kid is going to the ball park to watch a game.Even though I don’t go nearly as  often as I like I try to go once every few years .The last time I went was a May game in 2013.This time was very special to me because it was the first time that I went to a game with my brother the two of us didn’t have a license or have cars so  we decided to bus the whole way from Sacramento   to San Francisco along the way we saw beautiful sights outside our buses or amtrak windows(we took a bus ,lightrail ,amtrak ,Bart and a more bus ) of course the best sights was the ball park it self .That day bought so many memories that I will always remembers.I cant wait to watch more games on TV and hope to go to the park again soon. L.W.Bgaints game


One thought on “baseball

  1. My boyfriend did baseball in high school and I would always go after school to see his games. I even made a silly poster for him, but those were his glory days. He didn’t want to do baseball after high school because he knew he wouldn’t get much game time because of the other players, but how he loved it. We went to an SF Giants game recently and although the team lost, I saw how happy he was to be there to experience the whole trip.


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