The art of home decor

Recently I was searching for places to stay for our Disneyland vacation and the prices for the hotels were so overwhelming because of the 24 hr day they had for Disneyland that week. They were so smart as to raise the prices, seeing that people would get a cheaper ticket on those days, because of the business they would get. I started to look at more hotels around the area and it took me quite awhile to find some that were at our price range, but they weren’t as close as we wanted to Disneyland. My friend introduced me to an app called Airbnb, where you could rent a house around the area. I thought I would give the app a shot and downloaded it right away. It had a search for the place, how many people, and how many beds then gives you the amount of houses for rent in the around and shows pictures of those houses. Some were really wonderful that was conveniently close enough to walk to and had the right price range. However the dates were really difficult to get because of the days we wanted, some only had 1 day to rent, and because of the 24hr period a lot of them were booked already. My friends just told me about the trip only a week ago to see if we want to go and we did, but it was too late of a notice. We decided to wait on the trip for another month so we could same more money and it wouldn’t be such a hassle. How amazing the houses were though! The decor was astounding and it made me inspired to redecorate my own room. In this life we are going through so many changes. Our thoughts and ideas are always adapting. I remember not long ago that my favorite color was lavender, then suddenly I’ve started liking the color of raspberry because it fitted my desire for romance and love. It’s ok for change because it helps you find yourself.




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