I recently uploaded an app called myidol and it’s pretty amazing. It actually takes a picture of your face

and configures all your special features into an avatar. Of course at first it comes neutral with 

only your face and a plain outfit on, but when you find the right hair, skin color, and clothes you can make 

your avatar look just like you. It’s insane how almost accurate it is and you can also 

put your avatar into different music videos such as let it go from frozen or sexy back from Justin Timberlake.

Me and my sisters were cracking up looking at how crazy our avatars look in those videos. 

There are other avatars you can make in other programs such as the one above, Sims. I was shown a video

in my english class about people who have avatars online to meet people. 

I can’t believe that people do that to find love, I mean you don’t even know what the person looks like

or even if they are the right gender for you, but I guess it’s a form of communication in 

a way you can look at personality than looks. I still think it’s completely insane, but 

that’s their lives and no one should judge. Anyway, I encourage you to download this app or any

program that has avatars. It’s creative and you get really interested in how others interpret their own avatars. 



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